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Quail Lake

Quail Lake is a man-made lake that covers approximately 57 acres with a 24,000 ft. shoreline. The Lake is its own ecosystem and is stocked with a variety of fish. Members can fish, sail, canoe, kayak or cruise with electric motor boats that are approved by the governing documents. 

Walking Trails & Landscaping

The Quail Lake community has over 22 acres of landscaping and walking trails throughout. In addition to the two-mile loop road, you can walk along the Redbank Slough and the Grey's Creek Wetlands. Both areas are untouched and protected.

Wetland & Wildlife

Grey's Creek Wetlands is a one-half mile long portion of original Valley wetlands and is virtually unchanged from ancient times. These wetlands are part of the historic watercourse of Grey's Creek. This seasonal creek originates in the Sierra foothills to the northeast and continues flowing through Quail Lake to its confluence with Redbank Slough approximately 2.5 miles to the southwest. Seasonal waters from the creek enter a pipeline that pours into the wetlands. During winters with above normal rainfall, the creek may overflow into the orange orchard to the west of the development.
(Wildlife photos courtesy of the McGrady family)


The Quail Lake Community boasts a gorgeous 4,500 square foot clubhouse and is available for use by residents. It is a perfect waterfront setting for an event or get together. A clubhouse coordinator is available for information and coordination of events.

Please click here for the Clubhouse Rental form.

Pool Area

In the hot summer months, members can enjoy the 120,000 gallon competition size swimming pool as well as the kid's wading pool. There are patio chairs to lounge poolside while enjoying serene Lake views under shady trees.

Our Water System

Quail Lake is an environmentally friendly community by being considered a water balanced system (what we take, we then give back).

Our water supply comes from deep cool water wells which feed the domestic water system for the Quail Lake community. Then all our used water is treated in a three step process by our tertiary water treatment systems. Once treated the clean clear water feeds our 350,000 gallon recycled water tank. It is then mixed with our lakes water to supply all of our parks and common areas landscaping with the perfect blend of irrigation water. Nothing is wasted.

Our community also recharges the Redbank Creek area annually by filling the area though the summer and early fall months by letting the water naturally percolate back into our lower aquifer that our community and local neighbors around Quail Lake use to draw their wells from. We typically recharge more water each year than the Quail Lake residents use. 


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